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If you're interested in scraping your own English Horn reeds, but would like to forego the gouging, shaping and tying process, this is the product for you.

Our English Horn Reed Blank comes to you like this:

  • Giacobassi shape, tied on an EH staple
  • the 'ears' of the shaped cane are removed
  • the tip of the reed is lightly scraped
  •  2” of brass wire is included with your blank to wrap around the reed once finished, if necessary
  • your blank is guaranteed to seal, with no leaks or cracks
  • flexible tubing on bottom of staple

*Pictured is an English Horn blank with only the tip lightly scraped.

The English Horn Blank

  • Because of health risks associated with sharing reeds, this product is not returnable. If there is a problem with the shipped product, please send a message. Please note that your blank may not appear exactly as shown. 

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