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"The Pro" is our professional-quality oboe reed. Equipped with a healthy, medium size tip opening, this reed will be comfortable to play on right out of the box. More resistant than the student model reed, yet boasts a more nuianced, powerful tone and excellent pitch control in all register extremes. Choose our Pro Oboe Reed if you are searching for a better playing experience!


The images above for this product are actual Pro Oboe Reeds sent to customers.


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The Pro Oboe Reed

Price Options
One-time purchase
Reed Every Month
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C$33.00every month for 3 months
  • Because of health risks associated with sharing reeds, this product is not returnable. If there is a problem with the shipped product, please send a message. Please note that your reed may not appear exactly as shown. For more on reed shipment policies, visit this website's blog post on this topic! 

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