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Get your chops back after the summer break with our back to school combo sale!


Purchase 3 Pro Reeds and our Pocket Reed Case, and save.


  • "The Pro Reed" is our professional-quality oboe reed. Equipped with a healthy, medium size tip opening, this reed will be comfortable to play on right out of the box. It's more resistant than the student model reed, yet boasts a more nuianced, powerful tone and excellent pitch control in all register extremes.


  • The Pocket Reed Case is a secure and stylish way to store your reeds. The black interior is meticulously hand-crafted, and the velveteen, ribbon-style reed holders are guaranteed to keep your reeds safe, ensuring delicate reed tips are never accidentally damaged in the box. Reeds can be removed from the box simply by pushing lightly on the bottom of the cork, popping them out of the case. Fits 9 Oboe Reeds.

3 Pro Reeds + The Pocket Reed Case

C$164.00 Regular Price
C$155.00Sale Price
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